A Solution

For several years now, "The Mindful Dissenters" have been in direct contact with those who are 'in charge' of directing the broadcasting of Chemical Agents/poisons, to "control Mosquito"  that 'may carry' West Nile Virus (WNV) in their areas; and most often they were ordering this 'broadcasting' by "Postal Zip Code designation".  We will list the municipality, along with the County designation, but will leave it to the readers to find the department and the names of those who are directing these activities.

    All of them are in the 4 county district of Denton, Tarrant, Dallas and Collin Counties, which is one of the highest populated areas in the State of Texas with well over 3.5 million residents.  Our use of the Texas Public Information Act, has allowed us to uncover just how much information those making the decisions to expose their populations to 'unknown Chemical agents/poisons' actually DO NOT POSSESS;  and the extents to which they have gone to avoid revealing just how much they "do not know"  and have avoided sharing this with the people they are hired to serve and protect.

    We are required by the statute to allow a certain amount of time for a response, but when we do receive a response we are allowed by that statute to 'publish their response'. So many of them were almost identical that we have decided to set this page up as one that lists the recipients at the bottom, along with their response. Please keep in mind that the reader also has the ability to "request the response" to our "request for public information" directly to the recipient and we will share a format for that , in accordance with the Texas Public Information Act (T.P.I.A.).

                                           Each request is but a copy of this document here.                                                   

​       "Under the Texas Public Information Act. Sec. 6252-17a et seq. (T.P.I.A.) we are seeking the below listed information in Email or PDF format which we believe to be public information and by law a matter of public record".

A. That the broadcasting of Chemical agents also known as poisons, over large areas in the attempt to control Mosquitos that 'may carry West Nile Virus' (WVN) or any other Mosquito borne contagion, is only effective for no more than 24 hours AFTER the applications of those Chemical agents.

B. The public notice(s) revealing the full contents of those Chemical agents.

C. The public notice(s) revealing the full costs in public funds for those applications of Chemical agents/poisons.

The additional public notices revealing the following information.

D. That unavoidably the practice referred to above results in the killing of other, nontarget insects in the area, including thousands of beneficial insects from a wide variety of species representations, especially insects that are Mosquito predators, with an impact of much longer that the 24 hours of the known efficacy of that for the target species of Mosquitos.

E. That the 'Chemical agents/poisons' rendered to the state of 'fog/spray/vapors' used in the actions described above, travel over the area at the direction of the wind, as well as the velocity of the wind. (*)

* with a minimum speed of 1 mph, the 'Chemical agents/poisons' travel at the rate of approx. 30 yards per minute; or until they condense, and form into droplets and become heavier at which point they begin to fall from the air to settle.

F. That the 'condensed Chemical droplets/poisons' then settle at the insistence of gravity upon all objects and surfaces they come into contact with, which unavoidably is any and all objects that are not covered or shielded, such as by a garage, storage shed or car port etc., and that even those 'shields' also collect the 'condensed Chemical droplets/poisons'  upon all of their surfaces.

G. That the 'condensed Chemical droplets/poisons' also settle upon all of the foliage such as trees, shrubs, bushes, ornamental and vegetable plants, fruit and nut trees etc.; where they continue to condense and become heavier or are absorbed, while the 'condensed Chemical droplets/poisons' that are not absorbed continue to condense even further, and then begin to fall to the ground.

H. That the 'condensed Chemical droplets/poisons' also fall down upon all livestock, including grazing animals as well as the grasses they consume which are now becoming unavoidably contaminated, as well as 'backyard Chicken/Rabbit coops', etc. Dogs or Cats or other pet species; including all other animals such as wildlife and especially Birds, that are in the area which also becomes contaminated by the same 'condensed Chemical droplets/poisons'.

I.  That the 'condensed Chemical droplets/poisons' that fall to the ground then collect on the surface of the ground and especially the grasses where they also condense even further.

J.  That once the 'condensed Chemical droplets/poisons' settle, their intended effect does not impact the targeted Mosquitos to any measurable extent, but instead, impact all other living entitles in the area that they come into contact with.

K.  That the 'condensed Chemical droplets/poisons' settle into the grass or low level foliage, and then can be 'tracked in' by pets, (who's feet also collect them) children or anyone who walks through the grass or foliage and transfer the 'condensed Chemical droplets/poisons' to their feet, where they then bring them into the home, domicile or other structure. That these 'condensed Chemical droplets/poisons' then collect on the floors and are especially trapped by carpet or rugs where they can remain for an undetermined period of time all the while contaminating the areas of the surfaces they are placed on in this manner.

       So far, not one single entity that we have forwarded this request to has answered with any 'information that was requested' but answered with "we do not possess this information" or words to that effect. In short, they have withheld vital information to their "employers" the "tax payers" of their jurisdictions; while at the same time, subjecting those 'tax payers' to all of the dangers listed above.

Now the reason for this "we believe" is that if the citizens knew all of the information above; they would NOT want to be exposed to such potential for all of this misery.

Here below is the list of the Cities, Municipalities, County or other government bodies,  who have revealed to us in their responses to our T.P.I.A. requests, that they have INTENTIONALLY withheld the information listed above, from their citizens. The reason for this is strictly between them and their citizens. As long as those citizens, remain silent and or inactive in their pursuit of information: they will remain 'in the line of fire' from exposure to Chemical agents/poisons being broadcasted upon them, their families, homes and property, and sadly, by the people who they hire to protect them, serve them, and keep them informed with reliable and accurate data. 

Texas:  Tarrant, Dallas, Denton, Collin counties.

​Most of these municipalities are in Dallas County, Texas: but the county is listed with those that are not.


Dallas (City) ,  ( a separate entity from the County authority listed below)


Grand Prairie,

Highland Park,



Roanoke,  ( Denton, County)

University Park,

Dallas County Health and Human Services, thus far; the biggest offender in the entire area:  and  this includes the last two Dallas County District Attorneys. We are waiting for the newest D.C.D.A. to respond to our communications, but taking the history into consideration we do not expect much from him either. Corruption runs deep in the USA and a brief study of history reveals the same wherever humans gather; the challenge all of us face is overcoming it.

In addition, we are duty bound to advise the public to STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THESE LOCATIONS AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY AND HEALTH. Avoid traveling even through these locations when possible for obvious reasons: you could very well be exposed to Chemical agents/poisons that you may never have the opportunity to know the contents of; which are being distributed in the intent to control a disease that cannot be controlled in such a manner and this was proven over a half century ago, In "Silent Spring" by Rachel Carson, published in 1962 .

To Quote "Forest Gump"; "Stupid is as stupid does"....and there is not much that is more 'stupid' than "repeating the mistakes of history".

None of this would exist at all if 'the people'  (the citizens) were not so poorly informed, or so easily distracted. As stated on the attachment ( posted below) this entire web page is for those citizens who are NOT poorly informed and are no longer willing to tolerate being exposed to Chemical agents/poisons for any reason.

Stay with us and check back often while we are adding information almost on a daily basis. Thank you for your patience

If the reader here is one of those in these communities who resents being exposed to "unknown Chemical agents/poisons' or is not willing to accept this act; we have a solution contained in attachment here below, that can be down loaded and printed for reference and use.