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This notice should never be considered as a "political statement". We DO NOT CARE WHAT PARTY YOU ARE A MEMBER OF OR WHO YOU VOTED FOR. What we DO care about is assuring ourselves that the tax paying public is made aware of this gross waste of their tax dollars, while they are being placed in danger by gross incompetence and or corruption and most importantly the person or persons responsible for having done so, and a method to have their concerns answered. 

     In the case of the use of existing law to prevent exposure to Chemical agents/poisons as described on the previous pages. Criminal complaints would of course apply to any others ordering as well as conducting the same activities in other areas. If the readers here are some of the millions of Americans all across the USA that have been exposed to chemical agents by your local government in the practice that we reveal here to be absolutely ineffective; your silence will be considered as your consent by those who have already revealed that they care very little about intelligent and logical approaches to problems that effect all of us.  When they hear your voice they should hear it loud and clear.

If YOU do not defend yourself and your family you would be absolutely foolish to expect anyone else to do it for you, unless of course you are unable. There are those who will stand up for you in your need, all you simply have to do is ask for them to.

Above all else, do your best to remember that your silence will be considered your consent.



We currently are in the early developmental stages of a Documentary Film Project ("DFP")on this subject, with this particular case as a motivation to bring the film to the public. We are fully funded, and staffed but are always looking for talent. If the reader would like to participate in the "DFP", which has now been tentatively titled; ​"Your Life is in Your Own Hands" .

Please feel free to contact us at the email address above, or  by postal. At The Mindful Dissenters, P.O. Box 51391, Fort Worth, Texas 76105